5 things I’ve learned about shopping

Back in Germany I was still at school and just didn’t have the money to go shopping like I do now.

Moving to England I got a job and obviously this opened the door to my old obsession: fashion. And I went shopping. Every month. And my wardrobe (which was very small and cheap) doubled or even tripled.

And as I go I always analyse what I did right, what went wrong and these are the 5 lessons what I’ve learned whilst doing that.

1. Lesson

Don’t be afraid to invest in basics. I used to rely on primark or H&M jeans. And i wore them to death. Lesson learned: I always wear black and denim jeans. Skinny, high waisted. And it is definitely worth spending 40-60£ instead of 15£ on these stable basics.

2. Lesson

Learn how to care for your clothes. Easily said, but harder than you think. This begins with checking the lables and ends with looking at the piece and knowing it’s not gonna survive your everyday wash cycle.

3. Lesson

Goes hand in hand with the 2. one. I needed to learn to look at the lables. No wonder I’ve been sweating like crazy in the basically 100% plastic shirt.

4. Lesson

Never. Buy. Things. In. Primark. Okay some things are okay. I live in my 3 year old primark sports tights. And since i’m not taking sports that serious i’d rather spend 40£ on my whole workout gear in primark than a lot more and buy Nike, Adidas, etc. Because I just don’t need longlasting and amazing workout gear. But when it comes to normal clothes…
I spent 60£ on summer outfits and had to throw away 80% because it went in in a 30 celsius washing. Not cool.

5. Lesson

Do not buy thinks you don’t love 100%. To be fair I needed to build up a basic wardrobe and stop being blinded by the ability to go shopping this often to start with this rule. And I ended up donating my summer stuff after wearing it 3-5 times because I didn’t like it that much. And now I’m literally banging my head against the wall. Even if it was a 7 Pounds shirt from primark. I’d rather spend 40 on a shirt I love and going to wear until it rips apart than spending a very little amount of money on a shirt which is going to end up on the donate pile unworn.As I said in number 1. Some clothes are investments.