My minimalistic goals

In a few days I am leaving this beautiful country and I am moving back to Germany.
Yes, I am sad and happy the same time.

Finally I am going to have my own flat where I can do whatever I want to! No more peaking around the corner if I forgot to bring my fresh clothes after a shower.
And this also means I can finally sort out my life with ALL my belongings.
Actually this already started three weeks ago when I went there for a weekend to sort out a lot of stuff. (Built an IKEA wardrobe and basically threw away 3 carloads of rubbish.)

My goals for the first week in my new home:

1. Sort out wardrobe and count the items i own. Make lists of: Need to get and need to throw away over time.
Now you are possibly thinking: what? She says “minimalistic” and “need to get” in the same post? Yes I do, because I still need some wardrobe basics.

2. Find an organisation for my digital stuff

3. Organise papers in different folders

4. Organise kitchen completely. Lists of need to get and throw away.

5. Make a nice study and work space.

6. Declutter bathroom.

7. Throw away beddings.
We got a lot of not matching beddings!

8. Declutter lounge “stuff”.
We got a lot of “stuff” for the lounge. Candles, decorations, and so on.

And of course I’m going to keep you updated how I am getting along with my decluttering!



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