The minimalists

I am writing this post shortly after I’ve finished watching the documentary from the minimalists.

I am emotional after watching that. I am sad, mad, happy and motivated. All at once.

To be fair I need to tell you something: I never watch television. When someone is watching it, I don’t have a problem with watching it with them. I don’t have a problem with going to the cinema with people.
I just literally can’t be bothered to turn the TV on.

But I did it tonight. And watched “minimalism: the documentary about the important things“.

I am speechless. I am speechless because of the truth that is thrown in your face by all the people who contributed to that film.

And believe me, I don’t like if someone is too sure about their beliefs. I think a small part of you should always question every step you take and analyse it. (Don’t get me wrong, overanalysing is horrible.)
With that I mean those people who come to you and think their beliefs are the healthiest, happyest and simply the best and you only think: ahh shut up, let’s talk about the weather.

And let me tell you one thing: these two guys from “the minimalists” are not like that at all.

All in all I really enjoyed watching the documentary and would recomment it to everyone.


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