First post

As a child I’ve always been a hoarder.
I collected empty whine bottles, toys I hated, toilet rolls and so on.

Funny enough, when I moved to Germany at the age of 12 everything changed.
I threw away half of the stuff I had.

And here I am now, moved to England 10 months ago with a suitcase, 21 kg of my stuff I’m going to need. No hand luggage. Only 21 kg.
No bedroom at home, just a few boxes with my stuff.

And recently I’ve realised I need an organized home and an easy overview of the things I own. My brain just works that way and it calms me to be in a tidy, logically built, symmetric and well organised environment.
This is how I came across minimalism, the life changing magic of tidying and a lot of youtubers.

This is my story so far for the first post.


4 thoughts on “First post

  1. I like you came to like fewer things as the result of moving abroad. I moved twice back and forth– the first time I expected it be a permanent situation and tossed out so much on both sides of the ocean. Currently we are striving as a married couple to pair down further for retirement.

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    1. xkxrxa

      To be fair i was really ruthless and only took my favourite stuff because i knew i’m going to buy a lot.
      But i’m going to try really hard in my flat! πŸ™‚


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